An Almost Arm-Friendly Racquet from Wilson!


Warm greetings to you my tennis buddies! After taking the summer off, I am back in the saddle again and excited to bring some new content to! As I was scrolling through yesterday, one racquet in particular caught my eye. Now those of you who have been with us here for a while might remember that I play exclusively with ProKennex because of the brand’s commitment to producing ultra arm-friendly sticks. But that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize quality racquets from other labels when I find them! And it seems to me that the Wilson Burn 100 Team could be one such racquet. When plugging its relevant specs into my proprietary SHARRS algorithm, it reveals a score/grade of 76/C. Although not nearly as high as my Ionic KI 5 PSE (which grades an easy A), the fact that the Burn 100 Team posts a stiffness/flexibility rating (RA) of only 60 (RDC, strung) is very impressive. In fact, it is this point alone that gives this racquet such great potential. Despite lacking any built-in shock absorption system, with a head size of 100 and a standard length of 27, by weighting the stick from 10 to 11.5 (and simultaneously shifting its 1 pt HL balance to 8 pts HL), the racquet’s score/grade improves to a highly respectable 91/A. In other words, by taking a stock Burn 100 Team and placing lead tape and/or in-handle weights in a calculated manner, one can transform this otherwise nondescript, intermediate level stick into one of the more arm-friendly options around. If one of you gets a chance to try this before I do…let me know what you think! Cheers!

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Injured Right Shoulder…Once Again!


So I decided to throw around the football (American) the other day…something I used to do daily when I was young but which I rarely do anymore. And, of course, even though I tried to warm up by tossing it gently at first, I nevertheless managed to tweak something in my lower right shoulder after just a few minutes. I felt it immediately and then after a few more attempts shut things down to prevent any further damage. After trying to rest it up over the past four weeks, I will wait two more before beginning my self-directed rehab program. I know the exercises I will do for it, but ironically I cannot seem to find out the name of the actual injury. I feel exactly where it hurts (right at the intersection of the end of the deltoid and the beginning of the tricep), but somehow no online resource specifies just what this point of anatomy is called. Perhaps with more research I will stumble across something informative. Anyway, this is yet another reminder that I am just not quite as limber as I used to be and that I must continue to be vigilant in the care of my shoulders.

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