Tennis Lessons Available!


Greetings to all of you tennis aficionados! I wanted to take a moment to offer my tennis coaching services to anyone in Panama City, Panama starting the month of June. Please feel free to contact me here to discuss more about my coaching philosophy, prices and scheduling options. In the meantime, enjoy the warming weather to those of you who endured winter and as a reminder to all of us…the European clay court season is off to an exciting start!

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Wilson Burn 100S & Dunlop iDapt Force 100…Quick Thoughts!


Our buddies at do a great job of reviewing new racquets when they hit the scene. This past week they have appraised both the Wilson Burn 100S and the Dunlop iDapt Force 100, and you can read about their experiences with each stick, here and here, respectively. I posted a quick comment to each review to see if I could get some additional conversation rolling. Here is what I said.

Regarding the Wilson: “Yay, another stick designed to encourage kids to swing for the fences on every swing…forget developing an all-around game…let’s give ‘em something they can smack the felt off with…oh, you mean it might add to the epidemic otherwise known as arm/shoulder destruction…that’s alright, there are plenty of good therapists and surgeons around…”

And regarding the Dunlop: “I hit and this racquet (moreover the entire line) was nowhere to be found. I finally struck gold at First, this is very odd to say the least. Who’s in charge of Dunlop’s marketing? Second, I get that you can get different colors and grip lengths, but nothing is really explained about how the shock/comfort system works. The reviewer mentioned even the soft was quite firm. This seems like yet another helter skelter attempt by a racquet maker to push their latest gimmick to market.”

Perhaps a bit polemic…but that’s part of the fun :) Getting all of us to rationally evaluate and think through the implications of things…that’s the goal!

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