Can Rafa Return To Dominance Once Again?

The US Open is off and running, and as exciting a time as this is, you can’t help but notice the vast void or vacuum left by one vacated Rafael Nadal. Apparently at home in Majorca resting his tender right wrist, this marks yet another occasion when an injured Rafa is unable to defend a major trophy. Every year added to his ATP career is that much more wear and tear on his body, and so you begin to wonder how many more times he will be able to storm back from an injury timeout to win 10 or so titles and claim number one again. His age says he is still in his prime, but Rafa became dominant on clay and competitive on the other surfaces so early in his professional career that his frame has endured a lot more miles than average. If he were a used car, you might think twice or thrice before buying. He has simply played a lot of tennis and played it with unrivaled physical intensity. But the amazing thing about Rafa up till now is his ability to work his way back to the top of a very talented field, and do it with authority. Not to diminish the autumn ATP schedule, but Rafa will no doubt utilize the fall to revitalize and prepare to scale the mountain of Melbourne in January and avenge his final loss there 7 months ago. Can he do it yet again? I for one wouldn’t put it past him! We shall see though in time, a resource that eventually runs out for even the most resilient of pros. But time is something Rafa seems to engage realistically and with tempered aggression. Whatever the nature of the comeback this next time, it will be fascinating to follow.

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Tennis in Panama!

Since I will be spending some time in the country of Panama for a while, I am wondering about Panamanian tennis opportunities?! The weather is tennis worthy year ‘round down here, very similar to south Florida. I am excited to re-string my Ionic Ki 5 PSE with some VS Touch 16 and hit the courts! I can actually see some courts from my apartment window, buy they look to be private ones for sure. If any of you my readers have any suggestions for good places here for me to consider, please feel free to drop me a note. I will do some research for sure, but personal recommendations are usually a great way to go! In the meantime, I need to get used to the humidity and get in better shape so I don’t faint after five minutes of play :)

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