Tennis in Panama!

Since I will be spending some time in the country of Panama for a while, I am wondering about Panamanian tennis opportunities?! The weather is tennis worthy year ‘round down here, very similar to south Florida. I am excited to re-string my Ionic Ki 5 PSE with some VS Touch 16 and hit the courts! I can actually see some courts from my apartment window, buy they look to be private ones for sure. If any of you my readers have any suggestions for good places here for me to consider, please feel free to drop me a note. I will do some research for sure, but personal recommendations are usually a great way to go! In the meantime, I need to get used to the humidity and get in better shape so I don’t faint after five minutes of play :)

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Will Nadal Win His Third Channel Double?

So the only detail I missed last post was predicting Nadal would take five sets to down Djokovic in the French Open final. Rafa surprised me a bit and took care of business in four instead. Nine Roland Garros titles in ten tries is something we probably will not see repeated anytime in the near future. Just incredible! One day after his triumph he was kicking up blades of grass in Halle for his Wimbledon tune-up. Only thing is, he lost in two meek sets to a player ranked miles below him. This begs the question then of which Rafa will now show up next week in the first round at SW19? Perhaps a big part of how this plays out is how Nadal feels physically after the grinding clay court season has come to a close. Mentally, you would think he would want to reverse the recent (last two years) trend of losing early in London and prove to himself he can make the red to green transition better than anyone else since the days of Bjorn Borg. The doubters are plenty. Some say he just isn’t quite athletic enough anymore to bound across grass for hours on end and outlast all comers like he used to. I guess we will know soon enough. If we have learned anything about Rafa the last several years, however, it is this…he is not to be counted out…even when he is struggling with one or more issues. The guy has an engine that just doesn’t quit. So, unless he tweaks his back or twists his knee and is simply unable to compete sometime during the next two weeks, my prediction is that he will wear down Murray in the semis and Djokovic in the final…I think I’ll go with four sets this time for each :)

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