Donnay X-P Dual

After much time contemplating things, I have decided that the Donnay X-P Dual will probably be the next stick on my list. I don’t buy very many racquets (since money doesn’t grow on trees), and I originally thought the X-P Dual Tour would be Donnay’s best option to arrive in my mailbox sometime in the future.  However, I now sense the X-P Dual to be my next perfect try. Although not quite as heavy as the Tour, giving away about half an ounce…11.0 to 11.5, the Dual comes in much more flexible…RA/RDC 59 compared to 67. This latter feature is the key! I can always add weight to the Dual, taking advantage of Donnay’s wonderful custom weighting kit that allows strategic placement of up to 19 additional grams (more than half an ounce) of heft without having to break out the lead tape. Nothing wrong with lead tape, mind you…it can be of great service if done correctly. But Donnay’s custom kit is a stroke of genius; check it out! So, weighting a stick down is always an option…making it more flexible, however, not so much! Hence, my suggestion would be to favor flexibility and adjust as needed in other areas. Perhaps flexibility is an important issue for Jim Courier, whose name is most associated with the Dual at the moment. Is this the case, Jim? Perhaps Mr. Courier could drop us a note and let us know why the Dual is his current racquet of choice :) His words of wisdom would be uber valuable! In the meantime, get ready for some dandy desert tennis catered to us by that player favorite, Indian Wells!

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All New Gamma RZR 98M Racquet

Way to go, Gamma! It took a couple of years, but you’ve finally come out with a new racquet to impress me :) As fans of perhaps know by now, one of my primary priorities is to encourage “racqueteers” to consider greater racquet flexibility (lower RA/RDC) as a top feature when selecting their sticks of choice in order to maximize their arm/shoulder/elbow health. I played with a Gamma C-3 for a short time before switching to my current ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE. I heavily modified my C-3, and it worked OK for me. But I relinquished it after experiencing some noticeable discomfort. Then Gamma did their rebranding deal, changing all their racquets, and finally the RZR 98M came along as something to write home about!

With a 98 sq. in. head size, a 22 mm consistent width, a 27 in. length and an 11.3 oz. strung weight, Gamma suggests its RZR 98M to be ideal for all court players. Additionally, the stick’s RA is listed at 61, a relatively low number indicating the racquet’s constitution renders it more flexible/less stiff compared to other sticks on the market. Now this number is most probably an unstrung figure, and our friends at, who offer strung RA figures, concur with an RA of 59. All this is to say that if the RZR 98M’s other features make it a possible option for your game, its inherent flexibility offers the kind of arm-healthy advantage to make it a real looker. As to its looks…some black, white, a bit of silver and yellow…cool enough :) With snow on the ground here at the moment, I would not be able to play test it right away…but maybe sometime. If any of you fine folks have had the privilege, let me know! And for Gamma, keep up the good work :)

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