New and Improved The Racquet Shack!


I want to take this opportunity to share the exciting news that The Racquet Shack is in the process of getting a whole new look! Thanks to the expertise of Joel Darling of Joel Darling Enterprises, a web designer par excellence, a completely new way to experience The Racquet Shack will be unveiled sometime in the next few weeks! These changes will not only make the entire site look cooler but also make finding older posts much more efficient as well.  I continue to appreciate all you my readers and hope you will continue telling your friends about us and hitting us up with questions and comments yourselves! So, until my next post amid brand new accouterments, keep your racquet strung right and hit those courts between snow days (for you northerners) or simply whenever you can (for you who live where the palm trees grow)!

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Sunglasses for Tennis!


I bought a new pair of sunglasses the other day on the cheap…as in less than $10 cheap! Now I realize you normally get what you pay for with most things you buy…but in this case all I can say is, “wow!” Not only do they fit me like the proverbial glove, but they work surprisingly well in these tropical conditions of extreme sun, shade and glare. I can hardly believe my eyes :) What did I snag you ask? Well, they are made by SS and are simply a thin metal frame with plastic temple pieces and grey tinted UV 400 polycarbonate lenses. Lightweight and seemingly tough enough, I envision these serving me exceptionally well for some time. Now, I did not buy these primarily for the tennis court. They are not really designed for action sports per se. But I could use them for hitting around or for anything not too rigorous. And perhaps I will research a bit more to see if SS makes their version of Oakley or the like. I figure why spend $200+ on some shades if you can find something for 90% less that are almost as good…or dare I say it…as good? :) So after buying these uncostly gems, I visited a couple of sunglass shops in the same mall and had some fun experimenting! At the first I tried on several of their expensive options, one of which was a pair of Ray-Bans costing upwards of $200. I looked up at lights in the ceiling and around at things of detail, and then I switched and did the same with my own new pair of cheapos. The verdict? Well I can honestly report that my view was actually sharper with…yes…my cheapos! Later in the second shop I did a similar comparison with a pair made by Costa Del Mar and probably costing near $300. Now I think Costas are cool and well made. But the particular ones I tried on did not fit well even though they seemed to be the right size. Moreover…the sight test proved…once again that my cheapos offered a better view! What craziness! I really have to chuckle at the results of this little test. So, all this to say…if your Costas or Maui Jims are all you can wear, then great! But keep an open mind as you keep an open eye for what works for you! Oh, and if anyone knows of some quality and budget-friendly action sports shades, let me know! And until next time…Merry Christmas!

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