Donnay’s New Pro One Midplus Racquet!

Donnay has recently released its new Pro One Midplus racquet, and I am eager to give it a spin! Its specs fit perfectly within my strict set of requirements…head size of 102 sq in (my range is 100 to 105), 27 in length (perfect), strung weight of 11 oz (my range is 11 to 13), 3 pt head light (my range is 2 to 8) and stiffness RDC of 62 (I go for 65 or less). See it at Donnay’s website lists it as a top seller these days, and based on what I can gather so far, I am not surprised! It looks good, but more importantly it purports to minister to your shoulder, elbow and arm in typical Donnay fashion. Of course, one of the best selling points Donnay has going for it is its custom weighting kit that fits most of its racquets, including this one. See this at Utilizing this kit allows you to add weight in a variety of stick locations (without having to mess with messy lead tape) as well as adjust balance (making it even more head light, for example). Donnay posts here a review of the Pro One Midplus originally published at by John Levy and Mark Avedikian. Mark does a fine job of assessment and notes both strengths and weakness from his playtest experience. I am guessing its strengths would far outweigh its weaknesses for a player as myself :) But to know for sure, let me hit the courts with it! If any of you have tried or bought the Pro One Midplus and have any insight, let me know your thoughts. Happy new year!

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Thankful For Tennis!

This time of year reminds us of things for which we can be grateful. Of course, we can be grateful any time of year (or day), but this holiday is good to help us focus our thoughts! Having not played tennis for a while because of going through a major transition, I certainly miss the game and am more grateful than ever for having the health needed to get out there and run around on the court…should I get the opportunity to do so soon! It has been a good year, and here at I have especially enjoyed receiving wonderful comments and questions from some of you my readers. I have noticed a continued interest in tennis health in general and racquet safety for arm health in particular. I foresee no real decline in the overall pandemic involving arm injuries due to poor racquet design but am encouraged to hear from readers searching in part for racquet solutions in the interest of their health. There are a few good racquet options out there, and the key is to take ownership of one’s health, take the initiative and find those answers! If I can continue to assist in this endeavor going forward, a happy camper I will be! So, enjoy this holiday time and keep me posted on matters of tennis that interest you!

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