Tennis Racquet Stiffness/Flexibility (RA) Revisited!


I have received a number of responses recently to some older posts of mine regarding the ever important topic of racquet RA. This is a good sign (as I see it), for it shows that some enlightened folks are taking seriously the issue of racquet stiffness/flexibility as it pertains to arm health as well as comfort and playability. Of course RA is not the only racquet feature that contributes to a stick’s overall health quotient, but it certainly is a major one!

It is exciting for us here at The Racquet Shack to now appear in Google’s first page of listings for searches like “Tennis Racquet RA,” and sometimes even reach the top 5! Entailed by this, obviously, is that other sites are addressing RA, but some engage the topic more accurately than others (arguably). One article that is more recent than my original post is by Tennis Companion and found here. Even though it does not touch on arm health as much as the issue warrants, it does a pretty good job of describing RA overall and is a good read. Another recent article that pleasantly surprised me is by Livestrong and found here. This brief post highlights the basics of RA while mentioning the arm health hazards posited by “very stiff rackets.”

It is my hope to eventually post a nuanced racquet buying guide here at The Racquet Shack that is geared for those who are sensitive to arm health issues. Much of what currently exists focuses on performance (with a bone or two tossed out to “comfort”). Performance is certainly important, but performance at the cost of long-term arm health is not the kind of performance we tennis aficionados who aspire to play to the age of a hundred find appealing. So, stay tuned, and keep coming with all the wonderful comments that continue to inform and inspire us :)

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Tennis Lessons Available!


Greetings to all of you tennis aficionados! I wanted to take a moment to offer my tennis coaching services to anyone in Panama City, Panama starting the month of June. Please feel free to contact me here to discuss more about my coaching philosophy, prices and scheduling options. In the meantime, enjoy the warming weather to those of you who endured winter and as a reminder to all of us…the European clay court season is off to an exciting start!

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